Raped by a Teacher

Published online today, Daily Beast reporter, Abigail Pesta, shares a heartbreaking story of a young woman who was raped by her teacher while a student at Horace Mann in the 1980s.

Raped by a Teacher: One Woman’s Tragic Past at the Horace Mann School

Warning: This is painful reading. Years of sexual and emotional abuse are described. Bravely and generously the victim,  now an adult, shares these awful experiences.  Not only is her strength inspirational, but her story helps us to understand why it is so difficult for children to come forward and seek help.

One thought on “Raped by a Teacher

  1. Anyone who doesn’t think this is still going on is delusional. The current headmaster has private meetings with young girls all the time after which they come out shaking. He is known as a bully, intimidating kids with threats of withholding college recommendations. There are coaches still using their positions to intimidate people into performing sexual favors, girls and boys. The school is replete with arrogant administrators and teachers so full of themselves to be at HM and abusing power to intimidate students and parents. Parents don’t dare complain or their kids will be marked. The kids are mostly good kids who are victimized but the rapes continue of body and spirit. This school ness to be investigated, starting at the top. Nobody currently there dares to call the hotline or their children will be penalized. It is a regime of terror.

    Current student Terrified

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