3 thoughts on “Third Survivors’ Letter

  1. Best letter so far!! The issue of “institutional betrayal” is of the most profound importance. It is the mental abuse which follows the pysical abuse. It largely removes the possibility of healing, because it refuses to acknowledge the shild’s reality. In fact, “institutional betrayal” creates an alternative reality which asserts that “there is something wrong with the victim.” So: 1) the victim is abused–then 2) the victim is accused. Abuse and accuse. It is the heart of brutality.
    The mis-use of authority in Horace Mann, Brooklyn Poly Prep, Penn State U., and in numerous athletic clubs and boy scout troups and churches across the country needs to be fully examined and demystified. I applaud the HM survivors for their legal vigiliance, and I am happy to hear the the U of Oregon is studying this matter from a social science point of view.

  2. An excellent response to Kelly and Friedman’s 5/24 letter. It lays out in clear and convincing terms why an independent investigation must take place. One can only hope that like the long sought apology, such an investigation will come to pass, better late than never.

    I question one point made in the survivors’ response: “Today’s HM students are watching closely our example.” Are they? I ask because in an email exchange with a friend who’s a current HM parent, I asked what do current HM parents and students make of the sex abuse scandal. His answer: “ancient history.” They’re too busy prepping for college to get the connection. It’s possible that one of the reasons Kelly and Friedman waited so long before issuing an apology is that they felt little or no pressure from current students and their parents to do the right thing. Along with the pleas from survivors and concerned alumni, the active involvement of current students and their parents could have made a difference in forcing the issue. I’m not privy to the behind-the-scenes motives and maneuverings, so please, anyone, correct me if I’m wrong about this…

    The survivors have acted courageously in this entire matter. I wish I could say the same about the school…

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