16-Year-Old Boy’s Letter About Teacher’s Sexual Advances

Below is the letter (referenced in the New York Times piece of June 6, 2012) written by then 16-year-old Benjamin Balter, seeking help. The letter is addressed to Mr. Foote, who was Head of School for Horace Mann at the time. It is posted here with the permission of Balter’s mother.

16-year old Ben Balter reported sex abuse at Horace Mann School by Johannes Somary in 1993. He was not helped.


Scanned pdf of the original letter sent: Benjamin Balter 1993 letter to Horace Mann – scanned copy of original

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  1. I also reported my abuse to Mr. Foote and my parents met with him and were dissatisfied with his response. Apparently at that time not much was done about abuse.

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